Proctorio Overview


Other videos regarding Proctorio can be found under Faculty and Staff Training Videos under Proctorio.

Here is the text I used for the directions for this quiz:


This is a practice quiz to have you become familiar with Proctorio.

Please follow these directions.

  1. Open Chrome or Edge on your computer - No other browser will work with Proctorio
  2. Go to Links to an external site.and click on Login on the top right and then Canvas
  3. Login to Canvas and go to this class
  4. If you see "Secure Exam Proctor" on the left navigation, click on that and follow the directions
  5. Go into this quiz
  6. Follow the directions to take this quiz

If you have any issues, please contact Proctorio support by clicking on the shield in the upper right of Chrome and clicking on Live Chat while in the quiz.

If Proctorio Support cannot help, you can call IVC Technical Support during working hours at 949-451-5696. 

Unfortunately as a teacher I am unable to help you with Proctorio issues.


If you have questions about online proctoring of exams or if your students are asking you questions, please visit Proctoring Online Quizzes and Exams.  This web page includes up to date information and Q&A regarding Online Proctoring as well as specific tools used at IVC for proctoring online quizzes and exams.