access is now provided through the California Community Colleges Professional Learning Network (CCCPLN).

To create your profile in CCCPLN, navigate to Login if you have an existing account with CCCPLN or Register.


To Register with CCCPLN

1. Fill out the Registration Form and click Register. You will be notified that an email was sent to activate your account.

2. Access your email account to activate your CCCPLN account.


Create a Profile

1. Once you are logged in to your CCCPLN account, click on Learn from the upper toolbar.

2. Scroll down and click on the link.

3. Click I’ve had an account if you access an existing account for IVC and would like to migrate your course history, bookmarks, playlists, and certificates of completion. Otherwise, click on No, I’ve never had an account.

4. If you clicked on I’ve had an account, enter the Previous user name and Previous password for your account and click Transfer my history. Or, click No thanks, I want to start a brand new profile if you do not want to import your data.

5. You will be logged in and routed to after the transfer is complete.

6. From this point forward, go to and login to access