Add-ins, Add-ons, Applications, and Resources for IVC Faculty

There are many tools available for use at IVC.  Here is a list of many of those tools.  Not all of the tools are available for each person or class.  To find out more information, please contact IVC's Instructional Technologist.

Add-ins, Add-ons, Extensions

Grackle - Scan Google Docs and Slides to identify Accessibility issues.  Once all issues are resolved, can create Accessible PDF.

eComments - Create and use comment library in Google Docs and Slides.

Draft Coach from Turnitin - Checks for plaigerism while students are writing 


Adobe Creative Cloud - Set of Adobe tools

  • Acrobat
  • Illustrator
  • Photoshop

Canvas - Learning Management System (LMS) - Where teachers and students go to interact about their class

CurriQunet - Now Meta

Google Workspace

  • Google Docs - Documents
  • Google Sheets - Spreadsheets
  • Google Slides - Presentation slides
  • Google Meet - Similar to Zoom, online meetings

Improve/Nuventive/TracDat - Track SLOs

IORAD - Create tutorials from browser or computer

LinkedIn Learning - Formerly - Video courses 

MS Office

  • Word - Documents
  • Excel - Spreadsheets
  • PowerPoint - Presentation slides
  • Outlook -Email, calendar, to-do list
  • Teams - Chat and video instant communication

Net Support School 

Padlet - digital notice board and discussions that include text, audio, video, and images.

Read&Write - reads text on the screen to user.

Screencast-O-Matic - Screen and webcam recording software.  Can also edit existing videos.

TechConnect Zoom - Specific instance of Zoom also integrated into Canvas

Canvas LTIs

Adjust-All - Adjust all the dates in course from one screen.  Dates are related to Announcements, Assignments, Discussions, Modules, and Quizzes.

Alexander Street - Library Database

APA - Publisher

Badgr - Microcredentials to document events, learning, and others.

Cengage - Publisher

ConexED - Cranium Cafe - Allows faculty to offer office hours with sign-up in each of their classes.  Also has ability to host class meetings similar to Zoom.

DawnSign - Publisher directly focused on ASL

DesignPLUS - use templates to organize and enhance the look of course.

Google Assignment - Formerly Google CourseKit - Create assignments using Google tools (Docs, Sheets, Slides) where students get a copy in their Google Drive.

Great River Learning - Publisher

Macmillan - Publisher

MathType - ability to use a mouse to enter math formulas and solve equations.

McGraw Hill - Publisher

Newsela - News articles adjustable by reader level.

Pearson - Publisher

PlayPosit - Ask questions in the middle of playing a video, integrates into Canvas Assignments.

Pope Tech - Accessibility checker for Rich Text Editor used in Pages, Assignments, Announcements, etc. 

Primal Pictures - Anatomy images for use in course

Proctorio - Quiz Proctoring Software

Pronto - Instant communication for students and teachers using text, video, and images.  Buit into Canvas Pronto includes language translation as well as integration to mobile devices.

ReadSpeaker - Screenreader for Canvas web pages

Redirect Tool - places outside URL in course navigation.

StudentConnect - Office hours that students can sign up for and use Zoom

TopHat - Publisher that uses OER materials

Turnitin - Plagiarism Checker

UDOIT - Accessibility Checker for whole Canvas course

Wiley - Publisher

W. W. Norton - Publisher


Outside Resources - Not provided by IVC, but good resources for faculty - Must connect from off-campus

Flipgrid - Grid of student submissions, comments, work, etc. that class can see

Kahoot - Free for up to10 users to have live quizzing

3C Media Solutions - Storage and streaming of videos hosted by California Community Colleges