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These are frequently asked questions related to Canvas.

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How do I enable dashboard images on a course instead of just color?

How do I use SpeedGrader in Canvas?

Canvas provides an excellent guide on SpeedGrader, located at:

How are Rubrics used in Canvas?

Canvas provides an excellent guide on Rubrics located at:

How do I apply a Late Submission Policy to my course?

Your courses can have a Late Submission policy.  Canvas will automatically apply this policy, once it is setup.
The first step is to setup the New Gradebook in Canvas. New Gradebook Article
Here is an article about how to apply a late submission policy.  Late Submission Article

How can I display or hide courses within my Canvas Dashboard?

To display or hide courses within your Canvas Dashboard, follow these steps: Login to Canvas Click on “Courses” on the left Click on “All Courses” Make sure the courses you want to see have the Star on the left, highlighted Click on “Dashboard” on the left You will see all the courses that were highlighted. This is a document that will go through these steps as well.

Accessing your course through the Canvas Dashboard

How do I allow extra time on quizzes or exams for individual students?

For instructions on how to allow extra time on quizzes for individual students, please see this document: Allow Extra Time

How do I copy my Canvas course from last semester into my current Canvas course?

To copy your Canvas course from one semester to the next, please follow the steps in this document.  Copy Canvas Course

How do I change the order of my left navigation menu items?

To re-order or disable Navigation options in Canvas, follow the steps in this document: Disable and Re-Order Navigation

What are Course Discussions and how can I use them?

Canvas allows students to interact with each other through several ways.  One of those ways is Discussions.  To learn more about discussions, follow this link:

How can I create tabs in Canvas Assignments, Quizzes, Pages, etc?

Canvas allows a user to create tabs within the Description portion of an Assignment, Quiz, Discussion, Page, and other locations.  This Q&A thread explains how to do it using HTML code.  Create Canvas Tabs

If you have problems with this, please contact the Instructional Technologist.

How do I use the Attendance tool?

Canvas has the Roll Call Attendance tool that integrates your students' attendance into their grades, should you choose to. Your Canvas Administrator has enabled the Attendance Tool for you.

This article answers the question: How do I use the Roll Call Attendance tool in a course?

Canvas automatically creates an assignment for Roll Call Attendance and adds a column in Gradebook.  To understand how this works, read this article: How do I edit the Roll Call Attendance assignment?

What does it mean when a student has "Inactive" behind their name?

Inactive behind a student's name in People, indicates that student has dropped the class. If the student adds the class back, they will no longer have that status listed. This can happen because of an Admissions issue or the student chose to drop the class. If you have questions about the status, please contact Admissions.

How do I use the editor for creating descriptions in Canvas?

The editor in question is the Rich Content Editor.  This editor includes a lot of functionality.

This video explains how to use the Rich Content Editor:

Additional information about the Rich Content Editor can be found at: