LTI - Canvas Learning Tools

Canvas Learning Tools

There are many tools added into Canvas that you can use as an instructor.  These tools expand the capabilities of Canvas and are designed for specific purposes.

These include tools that publishers provide as well as tools that we have made available.

As an instructor, you can install some tools directly into your Canvas course, and other tools must be installed by a Canvas Administrator.  

The list of LTI's you can use grows constantly.  This page will provide additional information about the tools selected for use in Canvas at IVC.


Proctoring Exams - Proctorio

Is there a cheating problem? In May 2018, Canvas published a Blog Post about this titled:  What $25,352 worth in contract cheating looks like.

For over a year, IVC has been testing software that can automatically proctor exams, in an effort to combat this on campus.  This software is called Proctorio.  

For information on how to proctor online quizzes and exams, please go to this website: Proctoring Online Quizzes and Exams

Plagiarism Checker - TurnItIn

For information on how to have your students submissions automatically checked for plaigarism, please go to this website: Plagiarism checker - TurnItIn

Macmillan LaunchPad

Macmillan LaunchPad documentation can be found here.  LaunchPad

Pearson MyMathLab

For information regarding implementing Pearson MyMathLab and other products, please visit: MyMathLab


Recording your meetings and classes is another valuable feature in your Zoom online tool set. When you record, you have another opportunity to support your colleagues and students:

Share the meeting with colleagues who could not attend.

Review the meeting to capture commitments made.

Allow students to catch-up or review the class at any time, and as often as needed.

Use the recording file as documentation.

Did you know you have both Local Recording and Cloud Recording options? Enable both Local Recording and Cloud Recording, you can decide where to store the file when you start the recording.

Make Cloud Recording your default when you disable Local Recording.

Cloud recordings automatically download into your Canvas course when you launch your session from Canvas.

Cloud recordings can be downloaded anytime to create a local copy while keeping the Cloud recording in the cloud!

Cloud recordings provide a voice to text Audio Transcript file that becomes part of your recording.

Take a moment to verify how your account is set up for recording. Log into your account at Click the toggle button on the right to enable or disable your recording choices, check your Cloud Recording settings as shown.

If you need assistance, or would like a Zoom account please contact IVC Technical Support at Ivanti Service Desk, sending an email to or by calling 949-451-5696.