Plagiarism checker - TurnItIn


One of the most useful parts of Canvas is the ability to allow students to upload their assignments.

When uploading assignments, students can automatically have their work checked in a plagiarism checker called TurnItIn.  This external tool handles the work automatically and provides the instructor the ability to know whether or not the student's work was plagiarized. 

Documentation regarding setting up TurnItIn in Canvas is available here:



How do I enable TurnItIn for an assignment?

To use Turnitin, go to your course.

Click on Assignments

Click on the Assignment you want to use Turnitin with

Click on Edit

In the Submission Type section, change the drop-down to "External Tool"

Click the "Find" button

In the Configure External Tool, scroll down to Turnitin, click it so it's highlighted, then click "Select"

Configure any other settings needed for your Assignment.

Then click "Save" at the bottom of the page to update the setting on the Assignment.

You can also use the above steps when creating a new assignment.

Once you add Turnitin as an External Tool, you will get a user agreement that you must accept to use Turnitin.

You will then see the Turnitin Assignment Inbox, from there click Settings.

Use the Edit Assignment Settings to change the Max Grade and Dates.

Use the Optional settings to change other Turnitin settings.

Why do I get an error trying to check TurnItIn using "Student View"?

The error results from "Student View" being is a system account, which does not have a valid email address.

How do I use Rubrics with TurnItIn?

In order to use Rubrics on a TurnItIn Assignment, follow these steps:

  1. When you create your Assignment, save it as a On Paper or No Submission Assignment
  2. Create your Rubric and add it to the Assignment by clicking on the specific Assignment and then clicking on +Rubric at the bottom.
  3. Edit the Assignment
  4. Change the Assignment Submission Type to be External Tool
  5. Scroll down to TurnItIn
  6. Make sure the check box is selected for loading the tool in a separate window
  7. Finish making changes to the Assignment