Faculty and Staff Training Videos

Here are videos for faculty and staff.  These videos cover a range of topics. Some topics include videos that are also referenced in other topics.

Overall Training is included in the videos related to Webinars.

If you do not see a video you would like, please contact Tim Van Norman and he will put it together.

Canvas - Videos that have to do with Canvas

  Assignments - Videos about how to create or use Canvas Assignments

  Discussions - Videos about how to use Discussions in Canvas

  G-Suite - Training videos about G Suite and integrating Google into Canvas

  Gradebook - Videos related to Gradebook in Canvas

  LTI - Additions to Canvas

    Proctorio - How to use Quizzes and Proctorio in Canvas

  Quizzing - How to use Quizzes and Quizzes.Next/New Quizzes in Canvas

Video - How to use Video in your classroom and storing videos for use wherever you need it.


Staff Video Categories: